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Numerous residents in North Carolina and Ohio find themselves in challenging situations such as foreclosure, dealing with burdensome properties, probate, or other difficulties as the year progresses. However, for every challenge, there is a solution, and KeyMeek Homes plays a pivotal role in crafting the optimal resolution tailored to your individual circumstances.

Do you own a property in North Carolina or Ohio currently facing a challenging situation?

Many homeowners grappling with uncertain times seek a way out of their burdensome property and contemplate whether selling could be the solution to their circumstances in North Carolina and Ohio. The prompt answer is affirmative!

While the comprehensive solution involves intricacies, you can indeed entrust your home to KeyMeek Homes, the foremost property solution provider in your area.

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Navigate Your Options with KeyMeek Homes

Facing a challenging situation? We can help!

At Keymeek Homes, we offer a spectrum of solutions for property owners. Through our 3 Offer Methodology, we provide sellers with choices ranging from cash offers to creative solutions and even listing opportunities if we determine it’s the best fit. Our objective is to establish a win-win-win situation, prioritizing your best interests.

Explore the three offers designed to navigate and address your specific situation..

  • Receive a competitive cash offer from KeyMeek Homes
  • Consider a creative arrangement with us.
  • If your property is market ready, maybe listing it is a better option.

Are One Of These House Problems Bothering You?

  • Are you behind in payments and need to stop a foreclosure?
  • Are you moving and don’t want 2 house payments?
  • Did your agent fail to sell your house?

We aim to assist you in regaining control of your situation, putting an end to the hassles, and returning to the life you desire. You deserve to be informed about all the available options at this moment. Just complete the brief form below or give us a call, and our experts will guide you (without any pushy sales techniques or obligation). We’re here to help you navigate through the confusion, presenting you with options that have the potential to positively impact your life and bring you back to a sense of normalcy.

Effortless Strategies to Navigating your Real Estate Challenges

Whether you find yourself navigating the complexities of selling a property in a competitive market or facing unique circumstances, our team at KeyMeek Homes is here to guide you through the process with expertise and personalized solutions.


Arrange a Consultation

Set up a time that suits you to chat with us on the phone or connect with us through a video call.


Evaluation & Strategy Session

Our expert team applies innovative strategies to tailor solutions that meet your specific needs. Let us impress you with our commitment.


Customized Solutions Offered

Employing the latest industry practices, we craft the perfect solution to address your situation. Our approach leaves you in awe.

Navigate Mortgage Challenges with Forbearance Support

Forbearance offers a temporary reprieve in your mortgage obligations, reducing or pausing payments. It is an option many are unaware of, yet it is an intelligent choice for those in North Carolina and Ohio facing short-term financial hurdles, providing a buffer against foreclosure.

Steps to Initiate Forbearance and Avoid Foreclosure

  • Visit your lender’s website to find the essential forbearance request details.
  • For convenience, you may apply for forbearance directly online.
  • Have your account information and any required details ready.
  • Contact your lender to discuss your situation and apply for forbearance.
  • Should your lender not grant forbearance, KeyMeek Homes is here to assist. We offer solutions to prevent foreclosure and protect your home in North Carolina and Ohio. 

This isn’t just a transaction to us.
It’s a relationship.

We’ve built a reputation for offering fair deals. We recognize that an offer needs to work for you, and that’s why we strive to present the highest possible offer. Our approach involves thorough due diligence and minimizing renovation costs. What sets us apart is our ability to swiftly purchase your property using our own funds, ensuring a secure sale and faster closing.

Providing you with our highest possible offer is not just a commitment; it’s in our best interest. Unlike some “We Buy Houses” companies that aim for the lowest possible offer, we invest time in analyzing every aspect of a property. This enables us to offer cash and close in as little as 7 days. Our research services are entirely free for the families we assist because we understand that accepting a lowball offer is not practical. Our commitment to providing offers that you’ll be satisfied with ensures that our time, effort, and energy are well spent.

We stay in business by ensuring your satisfaction. Contact us to learn more about our unique and alternative methods to sell your house quickly and for the best value.

Call or text your questions: 877-KEY-MEEK (539-6335)

How Do I Sell My House In Charlotte or Cleveland Fast for Cash?

  • Contact Us
  • Review Your Options
  • Choose Your Solution
  • If you decide to sell your house we will close when it’s most convenient for you depending on your individual situation.

Selling Your Property in North Carolina and Ohio to KeyMeek Homes

Embark on a seamless home-selling journey with KeyMeek Homes. Our detailed home-buying process is designed to prioritize your convenience. From a thorough property analysis to presenting the highest possible offer, we use our own funds for a secure and fast purchase, often closing in as little as 7 days. Unlike other companies, our commitment is to provide fair deals, ensuring your satisfaction throughout the process.


How Our Home-Buying Process Work

  • Step 1 – Discovery Call
  • Step 2 – Review Your Options
  • Step 3 – Choose Your Solution
  • Selling Your House Can Be A Quick And Simple Process
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There’s More To An Offer Than Price 

Choosing the right offer is not always straightforward. The highest price may not necessarily be the best deal. Offer terms, often as crucial as, if not more than, the price, play a vital role. Unlike some “We buy houses” companies that introduce lengthy inspections or financing and appraisal contingencies, we prioritize straightforward and reliable terms. We’ve seen situations where buyers with numerous cancellation options fail to follow through, leading to frustrations for sellers. Save yourself time and avoid frustration by reaching out to Real Home Solutions as your first point of contact!

Once we present you with an offer, the decision is entirely yours. Feel free to evaluate, shop around, discuss with others, and take your time before deciding. Our no-pressure policy has been appreciated by many previous clients, serving as proof that it works.

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